Sarajevo walking tour

Discover Sarajevo's rich history as we take you for a walk trough the city. Moving from the old part of the town from Ottoman to Austro-Hungarian. Sarajevo is also known for its long tradition of cultural and religious diversity and this is the reason Sarajevo is sometimes refered to as – „the European Jerusalem“. You'll be visiting most important places and get to know the city.

  • Sarajevo City Hall
  • Baščaršija – Turkish part of the town
  • The Emperors mosque – the oldest mosque in the town
  • The Latin bridge – the place of Franz Ferdinand’s assassination
  • Bezistan – Ottoman closed market
  • Tašlihan – remains of the biggest karavan-saray in town
  • Gazi Husrev Bey's Mosque – the biggest and most famous mosque in the country
  • Old orthodox church in Baščaršija
  • Old Jewish temple in Baščaršija
  • Sarajevo Cathedral

Price 10EUR pp

Price includes: Licensed tour guide

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