Mostar is, truly, one of the pearls of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and one of the most attractive and most visited destinations in this region. The Old Bridge, built by the Ottomans, is one of the most famous cultural monuments in the country, and has been a part of the UNESCO World Heritage list for the past 6 years. Later, we visit Blagaj and the famous spring of the river Buna, as well as the oldest tekke in the country. We will also visit the beutiful medival town -Počitelj, famous for its narow stone streets and large fortresses surrounding it.

  • Konjic and the famous Ottoman Bridge
  • Mostar, The Old Bridge and the market place
  • Old Bosnian town - Počitelj
  • Blagaj, the spring of the river Buna and the tekke (lunch brake)

Price 49EUR pp

Price includes: Licensed tour guide, brand new, air-conditioned vehicle transfer, lunch in nature surroundings of restaurants on Buna river

Additionaly: Waterfall Kravice + 10 € pp

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