• We are located in the very center of all events. If you want to get to the main part of the city it will take you only 2 minutes.
  • If you arrive by bus or train you can get to the hostel by tram (ticket costs 0,92 cent or 1,80 KM). Tram lines which will take you to the city are:
    • 1 – Bus/train station to Bashcharshija (direct line),
    • 2, 3, 5 – Takes you to Bashcharshija but is not a direct line,
    • 6 – Also not a direct line but takes you to Skenderija, 2 stations before hostel location.
  • Or you can take a taxi which would cost approx. 8,00 EUR (15,00 KM).
  • If you are traveling by airplane the taxi can take you to our hostel, and that would cost about 15,00 EUR (30,00 KM).
massimo holding d.o.o. tel: 033/953-486 fax: 033/953-488 e-mail: info@hostel.massimo.ba address: dženetića čikma 8 71000 sarajevo